Wandering the Labyrinth

I was leaving for a meditation workshop just as my daughter called yesterday to tell me to put on CNN. The space shuttle had crashed. I called my son b!X, but he was already up and posting.
The meditation workshop included an exercise with a labyrinth, followed by time to write. So I wrote.
Walking the Labyrinth
I remember being able to move with grace.
But not now.
I remember feeling an open heart.
But it is not now.
I yearn to find again the Now,
to let go of what I am holding,
so hard in the shadows of my heart.
The shuttle explodes, bodies shatter,
and still babies nurse
and the old wake to wonder at a new day.
I remember wonder.
I remember that it is the journey I always loved.
The surprises around corners.
No hurry. No hurry.

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