4 thoughts on “Hours, Days, Years

  1. Elaine, I do know you try to be patient with us, the younger bunch. Much of the time you are. Although sometimes it feels as though I’m running headlong into a battle flag you already planted with your horn blasting loudly.
    I think if I were one of among two 40-something bloggers I knew (like you and Tom sharing the 60s), I’d feel I would have to try extra hard to steer folks in the right direction because I had been there, done that. You note that you have been doing that a lot lately, and you have.
    It wasn’t until last night that I started thinking about why. That it might just be because there aren’t many talking out here from your end of the spectrum. And there are a hoard of us running headlong into a wild world. What must that be to watch? I hope I’m around to find out.
    As for now what? You know that you have big battles ahead of you, and hopefully some well-deserved peace too. Cherish that. Sit down. Relax. Hold some hands.
    And we’ll be waiting to find out.

  2. Hi, I found your blog from Monica at Traces who found me…somehow. I am glad to have found you. I am a blogger in her 40s, and I am seeking bloggers who share more about what there journey is about.
    There is one blogger who is 90. His name is Caleb. Here is his link, so you can go visit him.
    I will be back to visit. I need a mom in the blogaverse!

  3. This guy is awesome.
    I love his voice here and his experiments with his new digital cameras.
    And when I grow all the way up, I want to live at HIS retirement village. Elaine, I’ll see ya there!

  4. A need to steer people in the right direction? I don’t share that, and have blogged a reaction.
    Caleb sounds awesome. I’ll check him out. I have a 77-year-old on my blogroll–Bill Guest. Extremely interesting guy.

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