Scumbags come in both genders.

A female friend of a male friend contacted me to see if I know of any websites that list male scumbags who lie and otherwise deceive women who meet them over the internet. A Google search only turned up this site, which lists women who have done the lying and deceiving

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  1. Trish Wilson left this comment on my similar post on Blog Sisters. I thought it should be here as well:
    When I ran a Google search for online dating scams, the majority of sites were about mail-order foreign bride scams, especially Russian brides. One site lists agencies and women.
    I had better luck when I searched for “online stalking.” Tell your friend to try That’s the same group that founded Guardian Angels. Another possibility is Online Harassment ( There’s a link about cyber dating that looks helpful.
    I hope that helps.

  2. Elaine, I posted this to Blog Sisters. Thought I’d include it here, too. I tried to get the other links here a few days ago but the Net was so bogged down I couldn’t access the comments section. Might have been that worm at work. 🙂
    Working To Halt Online Abuse ( covers all forms of online abuse and scams. I found this group a few years ago while researching an article about internet writer’s scams. Back then, it was called Women Halting Online Abuse. WHOA’s president, Jayne Hitchcock, suffered severe harassment and cyberstalking from a scam literary agency, Woodside. Maryland passed a law that deals with cyberstalking and harassment via electronic mail due to her case.

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