Too little, too late (maybe)

If you’ve been reading my weblog, you know that I’ve been unearthing all kinds of family memorabilia. One of these is a copy of an article that I wrote and that the local Hearst newspaper published in the early 70s. That’s 30 years ago, and that’s signficant, since I find that I’m still advocating for the same attitude change. So, I’m posting it here because, although I could have said some things better then, it’s what I believed then and it’s what I still believe. And I will probably die before my beliefs become much more widely shared than they are now. Certainly that seems to be the case on the national leadership level.
Self-described in the newspaper as a “human being, a writer of poetry, a woman, a wife, a mother of two children, and a feminst, in varying order of importance,” I wrote the following:
Contemporary women

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