The Blogroll Bother

Shelley Powers has a really interesting post (and links to the perspectives of others) about her plans to replace her blogroll with a system of archiving and organizing the specific posts of others that she really liked. I like the idea, although there are two major reasons why I can

2 thoughts on “The Blogroll Bother

  1. De-link, De-that

    A couple of people have discussed de-linking in their weblogs (Dorothea and Elaine). Life goes on. Personally, I wish I hadn’t brought up delinking in my discussion about replacing the blogroll. I’m replacing my blogroll with something else because I’m

  2. Thanks, Elaine! I rearrange my blogroll every now and then as well. It’s exactly as you say, “I use my blogroll as a quick link for myself so that I can check in with my personal favorites without having to remember their URLs.” My blogroll is like another Favorites folder for me. Usually when I remove blogs it’s because the person isn’t posting that much, it’s not a personal reflection on them. Sometimes I think people are way too touchy about minor shit.

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