The Name Game

Don’t you just love the creative names that bloggers come up with for their weblogs? I’m not even going to try to list them. You surf through them all of the time. I wish I had thought of something more catchy for the name of my weblog. Kalilily was the name I started using when I began sending emails. Back then everyone seemed to be concerned about preserving one’s anonymity, and I bought into that. I chose Kalilily because
1. I’m an enthusiastic student of feminine mythology because of the advantages of using female mythic figures in working toward self-empowerment. In other words, I dig mythic figures like Kali and Lilith. So, there you go. Kalilily.
2. I love Georgia O’Keefe’s calla lilies. Perfect.
So, when it came time to pick a blog name, I thought, this is a time and place for Kalilily. Kalilily Time. Not as catchy as 99% of the blognames out there, but it’s what I wound up with.
Now, back to #1, above. Kali and Lilith are not considered by traditional cultures to present pretty female pictures. They symbolize the dark sides of the femine (not evil; dark.) But their identities are powerful, and they set the stage for the emergence of the crone in all of us women — the older, strong, individualistic, solitary, compassionate, female — the one who has been there, done that, and keeps moving on to new experiences, new learning — who keeps reinventing herself so that, each time, she becomes more authentic. Now, that is something to which I aspire.
And so emerged the sub-title: Elaine of Kalilily, Resident Crone of Blogdom.
Sort of a symbol, a leitmotif, a gimmick, an identifying image. Aspiring to the “crone” thing has been part of my spiritual development for decades, and my non-blog friends know all about my journeys toward that goal. But to bloggers, the sub-title might sound a little arrogant. I guess I should have kept the words “Self-Proclaimed” where I originally had it — before the word “Resident.” I think I’ll put it back there, just so there’s no mistake.
I aspire to Cronedom. I figure that that’s not such a bad thing. And I do believe that we become what we intend.

3 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. I think Kalililly is one of the cleverest blog titles I have ever seen. But then my place is called, perhaps a little too simply, “Notes From a Life in Progress”.

  2. Well, maybe it’s clever, but not until after I explain it. “Notes from a Life” says what it is — and insightful notes they are. “I always have a choice.” I’ve got to make some better ones than I have been lately. Have a great holiday, Richard. Regards to Sarah.

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