My Last Christmas Tree

In the fall of 1984, I bought a real potted Norfolk pine in anticipation of beginning a tradition of decorating that real tree for each winter holiday. On December 22, 1984 I was ready to start that tradition — when I got a phone call telling me to come “home” quick (to my parents’); my father was coming home from the hospital to die. (I told that story on this weblog a while ago.)
I left my high school-aged son with his father and the tree undecorated. My father died on December 26. The tree followed not long after. I haven’t had a Christmas tree since. If I decorate, it’s more in honor of the solstice — the passing through the darkest of days and moving toward a new. more joyous, season.
This year I have a new grandson, who’s coming with his mom and dad to spend his first Christmas with his grandmother and great-grandmother. There should be a tree, and lights, and stockings, and laughter. And this year there will be. It’s not a real tree, but it has lights that twinkle, and I made a totally funky un-Christmasy-looking stocking (except for the bells around the edge) for my grandson and filled it with cool baby stuff.
Last week I bought a small balsam in a pot. It’s too small to decorate, and that’s OK for this year. I’m planning for next. My mother is 86. It hope it’s not deja-vue all over again.
But even if it is, there are many more Christmases with my grandson to look forward to. And, if necessary, next time, maybe I’ll try something in fir.
In a few days I will be driving out to the Boston area to pick up and bring back the little family. (Would you believe that neither my daughter nor son-in-law ever learned how to drive!) And then I’ll drive them back after Christmas. So this might be my last post for a while. Lots to do!!
Happy Holidays, everyone. And b!X, I put your Christmas package in the mail today. Keep an eye out for it.

3 thoughts on “My Last Christmas Tree

  1. We’ll miss you, but so glad you can be with your new grandson. I’m leaving in two days myself, so I won’t be around the blogosphere either.
    Son number two graduates on Sunday from U of Wisconsin. We’ll be there with bells on. Then on down to Chicago for Xmas at my wife’s sister’s place (my favorite in-law, fortunately).
    My warmest wishes to you and your family!

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