The New Mr. Magoo

An article in today’s newspaper by Newsday’s James Pinkerton likens Mr. Bush to Mr. Magoo. “Quincy Magoo, the cartoon character debuting in 1949, was so myopic that he couldn’t see anything that wasn’t right in front of his face — and even then he would always misinterpret that near object. But once he drew his bead, however wrongly, he wouldn’t let up. ….There’s something Mister Magoo-like about President Bush’s preoccupation with Iraq.”
We have a cartoon for a president. Only no one’s laughing.

2 thoughts on “The New Mr. Magoo

  1. Right on. I came to this conclusion just the other day and while searching the internet I ran across this site. I can just picture W wandering around the desert in Iraq spouting off about all the WMD all around.
    Sometimes the best way to defeat your enemy is to laugh at them.

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