NO! NO! NO! Halley.

NO! NO! Halley is SOOOooooo wrong about feminism being only about lesbian sexiness. Believe me, I was a feminist back in the 70s. I was also a “disco queen” of sorts — high heels, short skirts, sexy and all. Feminism is about owning your power as a female human and all that that implies — including owning one’s own heterosexual sexuality. Girlism winds up undoing all the good that we feminists fought so hard for on the mistaken idea that feminism discounts being sexy. No way! I’m living proof!! Ditch the girlism, girls, and find some role models that show how it can be done without resorting to all that stupid girly stuff.
Not that I’m such a great role model (although at 62, I’ve certainly had some experiences that 40-something women haven’t had), but if you take a look at Frank Paynter’s interview with me, you’ll get what I mean.
Take it from me, girlism is going to come back and bite you in in ass, ladies.

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