Shelley and me and gender issues

While Burninbird is posting here and here (I’ve repeated what she wrote at the end of this post), even my dreaming is filled with the same frustration!!!
In the wee morning hours this morning, I dreamed that I went with my mother to visit some family who lived way out in a rural area. While there, they suggested that I go and join a bridal shower going on for their daughter. Their (really cute) teenaged son was supposed to give me directions on how to get there (which was quite far away), but he kept telling me to get on roads I never heard of. So I asked if he could give me landmarks or major intersections that I would recognize because I probably knew how to get to those — and then I could find my own way, even though it might take longer. In my dream, the young man continued to do it his way, even taking time to go to his computer and look for a map. At one point I remember telling his mother that I remember reading that women prefer getting directions that give them landmarks. The dream continues like this as my frustration and anger grows and the young man refuses to give me what I need until it’s too late for me to leave for the party. ARRGGHH.
And this is what Shelley posted, in her frustration, while I was dreaming my nightmare.
Shutting down the conversation
What’s particularly difficult about writing something such as my posting Girlism? is seeing the gentlemen in the community linking to Halley’s post, but not my refutation. Huzzahs for Halley’s refreshing honesty and blowing the lid off the terrible games we women play.
Perpetuating the myth by controlling the links, and thereby controlling the discussion. Well done. Is this another lesson we women should learn?
But then, I’m picking on Halley with my posting, aren’t I? And members of the same community are not supposed to do this. We either agree, or stay silent. Another lesson to learn.
Why are more women’s voices not heard in technology? Because men control technology’s voice. I guess the same could be said for weblogging.

It’s in the air, friends, it’s in the air.

1 thought on “Shelley and me and gender issues

  1. At one time I thought it was just the age group on LiveJournal… but then I found out there’s certain sects of blogs…
    I think some people just REALLY MISS Junior High School… and if you join a clique, even unwittingly, even as an adult, you’ll probably get wrapped up in that kind of thing.
    My advice… from someone younger who remembers Junior High School well enough to recognize it quicker ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ … Don’t even bother playing those kinds of games unless you enjoy the sport. haha.
    By the way… “As Time Goes By” is the only sitcom I watch. I love that show!
    Back about 6 years ago, I taped 2 entire seasons to send to my mother, because it wasn’t on TV where she was. She loved it. She now gets it where she lives now, and watches it more than I do. hehe. I actually rarely watch TV, and if I do watch TV, it’s usually non-fiction on PBS (I don’t have cable tv). But as it happens, As Time Goes By is on pbs here. ๐Ÿ™‚

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