Clara is Dead

My next door neighbor, Clara, died last week, alone in her small apartment, with only her cat to witness the second most crucial moment of her life. When a friend couldn

3 thoughts on “Clara is Dead

  1. Elaine, you shouldn’t let this trouble you. What was more important is that Clara had a friend who cared enough about her to check the very next day when she didn’t answer the phone. And neighbors who would take the time to help return a cat. And even the company of the cat, providing soft furry rubs and purrs on a cool night.
    Instead of being in her apartment, she could have been in an impersonal nursing home, surrounded by strangers. Personally, I would rather die alone.
    You’re never alone when you die if you die content with the life you lived.

  2. It’s so frightening to be ill – to be on that brink where death is waiting. At least it was for me. But maybe not so for everyone, especially one who has lived a long full life. Still Elaine, I empathize. I have always done just that with my animals–sat with them and petted them when their time came, usually in the vet’s office after an illness where the pain was too great for them. There is something to it–sharing that moment and making it easier for the spirit to pass, whether an animal or a human in my opinion–that enriches your own life. Like you, Elaine, I don’t want to die alone. I used to imagine my mother holding my hand. Then my husband holding my hand. Now I imagine Jenna holding my hand. I’m not sure any of those will happen, but like you, I’d like to pass with someone else’s eyes and soft words to help me across.

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