As Time Goes By

The title of this post plays on many levels for me. Certainly, the tv series with Judi Dench is a favorite of mine, mainly because it portrays a relationship between an adult woman and man with a realistic and comfortable combination of humor and respect.
Over here and here and here, there are still conversations going on about sexism, and Drucilla links from Blog Sisters to a supposed study of women abusing men. I wonder if relationships between men and women will ever find that realistic and comfortable combination of humor and respect.
Time is also going by on this blog without much going on — mostly because time seems to be going by so fast in my nonblog world. I swear, time goes by faster as you get older. I know that there’s so physical reason for this; I know that there are some psychological explanations for feeling like this. It sure feels like it’s a fact for me, though.
There’s not much going on with lots of blogs lately. Shelley’s been mentioning how so many seem to be taking a break. Maybe time is just going by for them too.
Too much of my time is spent writing, re-writing, and editing articles for the regional dance magazine. It’s too much like my old job, which I retired from and hoped to do other things. I’ve got to get out of what I got myself into.
I want to spend more of my time making stuff for my grandson. I just sent him a soft fleece hooded robe, a pair of booties that look like sneakers, and I’m almost fininshed making him a totally un-Christmasy-looking Christmas stocking.
When my kids were little, I made a pink and orange one for my daughter and a turquoise and blue one for b!X. Yes, yes, I know that those are sexist colors, but what the hell. She still has hers. I wonder if he still has his.
And I have one more craft sale to do, so I’m working on more “indestructible, adjustable, washable crusher hats.” And more of my original-design “spiral shawls.” (A woman from California stumbled on the post of a photo of one of my shawls and she’s already bought four so far.)
B!X is supposed to be working establishing a web page where I can advertise the stuff I make and some jewelry and quilted items that friends of mine create. My one-year anniversary for this weblog is on November 29.
My mother will be 87 in February.
And time keeps going by.

7 thoughts on “As Time Goes By

  1. I’m about half your age, I guess, and I can testify to the fact that time passes faster as one grows older. It’s true.
    Happy anticipated anniversary on your blog. I will be one year in February – which, as we know, will be here sooner than expected. . .

  2. Hey, they have ‘As Time Goes By’. But we have ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Angel’, ‘Firefly’, ‘Farscape’ (although not for long), ’24’, ‘CSI’, ‘Alias’.
    Yeah OK, none of those are sitcoms. We suck at sitcoms.

  3. I think we just don’t know how to end most sitcoms… The whole jumping the shark thing and whatnot. We keep running the same gags until we are literally gagging and can’t remember what was funny or good about the show in the first place. This starts a snowball effect so that any new sitcom automatically goes ahead and starts running the same old gags right off the bat– vicious cycle, ad infinitum. Watching Matt Stone’s & Trey Parker’s “That’s My Bush!” is a good study of why we have such crappy sitcoms. That’s why I stick with cartoons. 😉

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