4 thoughts on “The Price of Passion

  1. I so desperately want to see this. Oddly enough, without the pain there wouldn’t be enough entries or experiences. That’s what gets me through tumultuous times, the faith that in the end I will have yet another story to tell.

  2. Well, yes — life will always include painful times. I just wonder sometimes why some people make the choices that obviously will cause more pain. Why do some people seem to make such self-destructive choices? I guess that’s one of those simple questions that has a number of incredibly complex possible answers. (Sigh. I’m really wishing for simplicity these days!)

  3. How come between all these three flicks, the one I’m not particularly interested in seeing is the only one that’s playing within a fifty mile radius? I’ve been achin’ to watch, especially, Bowling… but I don’t have the time to drive all the way down to Seattle to watch a movie. :-/ And Frida is playing about 45 minutes away. Yeesh. What’s wrong with you, film distributor people??
    Wondering why people choose the self-destructive path is a dangerous road– there isn’t a logical answer. There are plenty of entirely illogical answers, and most of them involve a large helping of self-deception, too.

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