PR for the Vote

Regime change.gif
Go here to download a free copy of this poster and then display it where it will get the most visibility.
If everyone who’s worried about Bush’s plans votes on November 5, we can engage in a little “regime change” of our own. The good news is that a majority of the people in this country are concerned. But that doesn’t matter unless they voice that concern at the polls.
If enough of us download these, print ’em up, and stick them on our car or in our windows, we can begin to create a culture of engagement and patriotic dissent. We’ll amplify our voices. We’ll help to elect the candidates who can help us out of this mess. And we’ll help to fire the ones that are on board for Bush’s endless war.

1 thought on “PR for the Vote

  1. It’s just this kind of approach that will cause a whole heap of trouble. For King George, that is.
    Heh… I love Americans. You can’t beat democracy either… [or shove it down others’ throats as the King and his spivs would do].

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