Long Time No Blog

I used to blog every day. Often, several times a day. I can’t figure out if I’ve run out of steam or out of things to say or out of the need to say them OR if I’ve just gotten bored with the whole process.
For me, hell would be a place of ultimate boredom. I get bored easily. Maybe I have more of an attention deficit than I thought.
I did have lunch earlier this week with Gina Guiliano, and I could have sat there and talked with her for the rest of the lovely early fall afternoon, but she had to get back to the university for her office hours. I think we covered every possible subject that we blog about, think about, and care about.
This weekend I’m going to a bead show in Providence RI with my friend who makes jewelry. I’ve been in touch with another Blog Sister, and will call her when I get in town to see if we can meet somewhere.
Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out where this ennui is coming from. The kinds of things that used to energize me don’t seem to be doing it. Even dancing is a bore (but I’m going out tonight anyway to do some West Coast Swing and Salsa and take some photos for the magazine.) Of course, I’m making sure that I’m taping Friends and Will and Grace and ER and CSI (I have two vcrs.) I’m a series season premiere junkie. Buffy, as is to be expected, was awesome, but b!X already posted on that, so I’ll pass.
I guess, at my age, I should consider that my feeling of floting in limbo might be something physical. I’m sure my chocaholism doesn’t help my blood sugar levels. Ah, for the days of yesteryear when I never worried about any of those kinds of things!!
Over on Blog Sisters Drucilla Blood brings up what is sexy [note: permalink is not working]. We’re such a diverse group (physically, spiritually, maternally, materially….), we Blog Sisters. I have a feeling that if someone took a photo of us all in the same place at the same time, a stranger might well wonder what in hell we all have in common. What I think is that, for certain females, just being female is enough of a common ground from which to build conversations that are relevant to all of us. Such are the Blog Sisters.
Now, off to dance, snap photos, and try to have some fun. That’s what I’m missing. FUN!

5 thoughts on “Long Time No Blog

  1. You and I are way too old for Buffy. But who the heck cares? πŸ™‚
    Maybe your blahs are just part of a natural cycle. I’ve learned not to worry about it. You’ll get back in the groove when it’s time.

  2. Hey Elaine. Blog infrequently if you like, but keep bloggin. I’d miss you if you left.
    Many of my friends shake their heads when I tell them Buffy is a good show, so it’s cool to find another Buffy fan. I missed the first episode this season, but heard it was good (what with Joss’s writing).

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