Cycles of Connection

We all know about the information explosion. I find that there’s also a connection explosion. The longer we live, the more people we meet, the more individuals we add to our list of friends, the harder it is to find the time to keep the connections going. Anita Bora is a blogger I encountered early on in my blogging career, and one whose weblob always seems to be chock full of interesting snippets, the links from whicn I’m inclined to follow, comment on, etc. etc. Suddenly, it’s two hours later.
Over the months since I discovered Anita, I accumulated an extensive list of blogs I like to follow, and I lost track of her.
And then she telephoned me today. From India. Just to chat. And the connection is vital again. So, thanks, Anita. I’ll be showing up in your Comments again, so watch out.
And tonight I’m having dinner with one of my best friends (and roommate) from college. It has to be more than a decade since we’ve seen each other, since she lives on Long Island now and doesn’t come up this way too often. She’ll be in Albany for the weekend at a statewide conference of School Board members. I think she stood up for me when I eloped to get married (isn’t it awful that I can’t even remember for sure!!??). We keep in touch — sporadically — via email. I can’t wait to see her and catch up on all the gossip from the contigent of my old sorority sisters who live near her!!
Next week I’m going to have lunch with a local Blog Sister whom I’ve never met in person. Circles. Cycles. Spirals. Life.

4 thoughts on “Cycles of Connection

  1. You’ll be pleased to know that Anita agreed to an interview last month… then life intervened and I haven’t had a chance to return to the work… but I’m hoping she’s still up for it!

  2. It was really nice to connect. I think putting a voice to a web log just makes the experience all the more pleasurable and complete. And you sound very much like I thought you would 🙂 Nice, warm and friendly… I’m glad I got a chance to talk to you… and who knows maybe one day we may even meet… its a small world these days and life always comes full circle, doesn’t it?
    Frank, I thought you forgot 😉

  3. No, didn’t forget… looking forward to connecting soon… faced with some work (a good thing) and some peace work (not a good thing since one would prefer a government that did not require this much effort to redirect). Back with you soon!

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