8 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh gets me through a root canal

  1. So why did you put up with it? You’re *paying* for his services. You had the right to tell him you didn’t want to listen. If my dentist had that shit on and wouldn’t change the station, I’d find another dentist.

  2. Ugh, I think root canal + Rush Limbaugh is what they use to punish people in the lower circles of Hell, isn’t it?
    And I always heard Hitler was a bad artist who wanted to be famous, which is why he became a despot.

  3. Actually, sometimes I like to tune into people I don’t agree with to remind me why I don’t agree with them. So, that’s how I started out, but it didn’t take long for me to slip into the altered state I’ve learned to slip into when in the dentist’s chair. And Rush gave me additional incentive to do that. 🙂 If it really bothered me, I would have said something. Actually, the dentist gave me the option; I opted to let Rush rant.
    And, from what I understand of the research for the proposed movie about Hitler, his early years were a far cry from where he wound up. Makes me wonder what would have had to occur in his life in those years that might have put him on a totally different and constructive path.

  4. ditto. oh, no! lol. i actually try to never use the word just b/c it has rl connotations.
    about hitler’s childhood, alice miller wrote a good book that looks at the childhoods of a few famous people. (alice miller the swiss psychiatrist.) i’ll need to find it to tell you more (if you don’t find it first in your own search).
    her theory was that a child who received no love would turn out the way hitler did, and a child receiving great love would overcome all obstacles as picasso did. this is, of course, overly simplified, but it spurred me to try to always be aware of children (ones i might see once in passing) who might need a smile or a kind word from an adult (as a form of emotional support to help them through their troubled lives).

  5. Actually Hitler as a child recieved great love from his mother. He had 2 siblings that died within the first year and another that died at the age of 6. Hitler was loved greatly by his mother because he was almost all she had. Hitler’s parents were actually 2nd cousins.

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