Enjoying an ego boost.

I just have to share the ego boost I got tonight. Someone who knew me in college — which was almost 45 years ago — and hasn’t seen me since, recognized me. I was covering a Big Band cruise on the Hudson River for the dance magazine I edit, and he was there with his wife. He stopped and asked me if I had graduated from the State University and if I had been in Beta Zeta sorority. He didn’t remember my name, but he remembered that I was a good swing dancer back then as well. I mean, I don’t think I look anything like I did 45 years ago. Hell, I weighed about 100 pounds back then, and I’ve put on almost a pound year and my hair’s a different color and different style. But he recognized me anyway. Makes me feel that there’s still a lot of that vibrant teenager left in this ol’ Crone, and it’s still visible. My ego’s feeling good tonight!
(The photo on the left is me in costume for a college musical.)

4 thoughts on “Enjoying an ego boost.

  1. Hmm. I really wasn’t fishing for compliments, but thank you for them any way. I try to make the best of what I am — which is no beauty, that’s for sure. But not bad for someone who’s already getting her Social Security checks.

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