It’s Time for a Blog Break

I’m not the first to need a break, and I won’t be the last. I’ve got some projects on my plate that need my attention, and I need to hang out with some real guys for a while. (Gotcha with that one, didn’t I?) I mean real-life flesh and blood male friends in contrast to virtual.
I’ve entered into an agreement with one of them to take over half the work of putting out the regional dance magazine that he started and is struggling to make a go of. And we’re going to take some dance lessons together. I’m opting for Argentine Tango (With full recognition of the sexist origins of the dance and full understanding that art and life are not necessarily the same. But it is a sexy dance. That’s why I like it.)
I’ve also made a commitment to edit a mystery novel written by a previous Significant Other, with whom I actually lived for a year at one point, so that we can run a condensed serialize version of it in the magazine. The story takes place at a ballroom dance weekend. (We’ve stayed friends, and so we’ve agreed to go out and hit some hot local dance spots in the meanwhile.) I’ve got deadlines to meet and some relaxed social and non-sexist interactions with real-life real male friends to look forward to.
Interestingly enough, I enjoy the company of my male friends in some ways that are very different from how I enjoy my female friends’ company. We do different things together, talk about different things, and laugh about different things. Different but equally enjoyable.
So, I might not be posting much here for a while. Except maybe on Blog Sisters, where there are issues being discussed that I care about very deeply. But I’ll be checking in. This is my unreal life, after all. My life in Kalilily Time.
Carry on my wayward sons, [sic]
For there’ll be peace when you are done….

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