Two Views and a Welcomed Bird

Burningbird (Shelley Powers) has resumed blogging, for reasons as valid and varied as were the reasons she stopped.
What got to me about what she had to say about why she changed her mind were two quotes from well-known bloggers. Comparing those quotes is very telling about the personalities of those who verbalized them.
Dave Winer: From there, I want to start an outline about what a weblog is, because there’s more to say. Maybe it’ll be a three-column table. In column 1, a topic. For example: Fact-checking. In the second column, how centralized journalism does it; and in the third column, how it works in the weblog world. That way, if someone understands how fact-checking works in the print world, they have a basis for understanding how it works when done in the open.
Dorothea Salo: Blog however you want, whenever you want, as often or as seldom as you want. Use as much or as little of the technology as you care to. Adhere to common blogging formats or not, as you choose. Watch the big bloggers or not; pay attention to bloglomerations or not. If you feel you need permission to do any of these things, you

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