Life is what happens while you’re blogging

Well, it turns out that GranElaine is needed out in the Boston area after all. It’s been tougher on my daughter than she wanted to believe it would be. So, I’m frantically setting up my mom with food, instructions, phone numbers so that she can, hopefully, survive without me here for at least a week. She’s going to take care of my cat, and I’m going to take care of my daughter. Am I ever feeling the “sandwich generation” press! I’m leaving early Tuesday morning.
I can blog from her house, and I will make an effort. But no guarantee. Wish me luck. I haven’t held a baby in more than 30 years.

8 thoughts on “Life is what happens while you’re blogging

  1. Luck! It’s like riding a bike…you never forget! Hope your daughter is doing all right. I’ll bet she sure is glad that you’re coming to the rescue!

  2. Did I congratulate you? I don’t think I did. Shame on me! Congrats, Elaine, and to your daughter and her husband also.
    Have fun being a granny. Try not to worry to much and enjoy the new life that’s appeared.

  3. Congratulations, GranElaine! And to your daughter and son-in-law too! Enjoy Boston and remind your daughter to appreciate all the good nights’ sleep you’re letting her get 😀 My oldest was sleeping through the night after around 4 weeks, but the 3 year old only just started sleeping entirely through the night about about 6 months ago. Three years of sleep deprivation and I’m still trying to catch up I think 😀

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