Mothers create human civilization

So says fertile_jim in an excellent post on the subject. (You have to scroll down to the article on Jim Throws Gasoline on the Fire because his permalink takes you somewhere else.) I found him from a comment he left on Blog Sisters to a strong piece by Helen Razer, who has finally resurfaced.
On that subject, my grandson is on his way. According to my son-in-law (the best one in the world), my daughter went into labor at 3:30 this morning (which is when I woke up the first time). Her water broke around 6:30 (which is when I woke up the second time). Just a little synchronicity here, a little magical motherthing connection. So send good vibes out Boston way, everyone. I’m about to become a granny.

4 thoughts on “Mothers create human civilization

  1. thanks for the, uh, “props” as they say. did you read the comment i left at that cheesy nostalgia poem post?
    i notice that it’s a web site for greeley, colorado. have you ever been to greeley? it’s a cattle factory town, and smells like cowshit and death…every once in a while when you’re in the front range you’ll get this sudden whiff of holocaust, reel with nausea, and someone will say, “ahh, that wind from greeley…..”

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