Why Blogging is Better

At least we don’t get into the kind of trouble this local guy did.
As the story goes,
On the Internet and telephone chat lines he [Kevin Gudz] went by the name ‘Sir Kevin,’ and his alleged fantasies included kidnapping a woman and bringing her to his home where she would become his consenting bondage sex slave.
Gudz allegedly is not disputing that he drove to Columbia County to abduct a woman. But he insists it was part of an act and not a random encounter.
However, the 43-year-old Clermont woman who was riding her bike alone along Route 31 in southern Columbia County on Saturday afternoon is a mother and wife and was not the person Gudz alleged to have met online, according to law enforcement officials.
‘The victim in this was a complete stranger to the defendant,’ said Columbia County District Attorney Beth Cozzolino.

Talk about embarrassing moments!!

4 thoughts on “Why Blogging is Better

  1. i met this guy as “sir kevin”…he is a criminal plain and simple….a woman hater who unfortunately has a few supporters in the albany area “power exchange” community…these supporters are partly responsible for encouraging his fantasies and refused to address how dangerous this creep really is…all i can say is i’m glad he’s in jail, but i feel awful for the lady he kidnapped…he is a total psychopath

  2. This case has taken an unexpected turn. The state supreme court ruled that “Sir Kevin” was entitled to a new trial becasue the jury was given bad sinstructions. Now, I see that the Hudson Registar Star has an interview with him (no, it’s not on-line). You would think that this case would have more internet exposure given the circumstances of the crime. But this blog is about the only hit from Google.

  3. This is much worse then just an embarrassing moment.
    Gudz was an alcoholic who abused many area submissives, but to say the Albany scene did nothing in response to his actions is a misnomer.
    After enough complaints were raised and
    a pattern of behavior was uncovered, this person
    was thrown out of the community.
    Remember, we walk a fine line between protecting
    our community and blackballing an innocent person.
    Although Gudz is now a free man, it is a fact that he knew that Judith had called off the fake abduction days before the planned scene.
    He went and did it anyway. In the process, an innocent vanilla is now scarred for life.
    Take it from someone who knew Gudz personally,
    I no longer rest easily knowing he has been freed.

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