Marek and Me

Marek and I are both Polish. He’s the same age as my son and very similar in heart and spirit, if not style. We’ve talked on the phone a couple of times. In a real way, I feel that we are family.
Marek and I were both in the hospital yesterday. They knew what my problem was and fixed it. I’m home now. That’s not the case with Marek, and his friend Ann has posted about it all with great love and concern.
Marek is one of those idealistic, creative, energetic young men who feel deeply and speak with passion and honesty. He has always had my deepest respect. Now he has my deepest concern. Especially since they haven’t figure out what’s wrong yet.
I sent Ann an email, offering to do a healing ritual for Marek and conjure up a metaphorical object to make him feel better. Jeneane is posting requests for ideas on how to keep in touch with Marek and keep a stream of good wishes flowing. They’re starting to flow.
Doc Searls has reminded us about Marek’s love-filled yet tumultuous life. Euan has added his feelings. Join in. Blog for Marek.
We love you Marek. Our hearts are with you.

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