Equal Time for Offspring

Since I post about b!X so often, some might think that I have only one offspring with a presence on the web. Not so. My daughter — aka ‘cwyln’ –(on the verge of popping out my grandson any day now) has a website here promoting her novel, which was supposed to be published by a small press that now claims to have been so badly affected by 9/11 that it has pretty much folded. So, does anyone know of an agent and/or publisher that might like to take on this one?
Not my actual offspring, but dearly loved and much appreciated, is my son-in-law — aka ‘schmev’ — who is an amazing illustrator with stuff on his website here. He has written and illustrated the most beautiful children’s book about Esmeralda the honey bee, and that’s looking for a publisher as well. Both sites are in my Familylinks.
I’ve posted about these two before, specifically about their wedding five years ago, which sported statues of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia on their wedding cake (instead of the traditional bride and groom) and featured a life-sized Yoda cardboard figure presiding over the whole event.
We are quite a family, doncha think?

5 thoughts on “Equal Time for Offspring

  1. She’s due somewhere around July 9. I still haven’t figured out what I want to be called. His other grandma has other grandchildren and they already call her “Grandma.” So I have to come up with something else. I’m thinking maybe “Gran-Elaine” and they he can just call my “Gran-E” (Granny, right?)

  2. Oh, I like that, Gran-E. Growing up we always did the Grandma Last Name and the other Grandma Last Name. So formal. It must have been the grandmas wish…my mother goes by grammy. *sigh* I’ll always be just aunt owwee. (but I’m not complaining.)

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