That Bastard Pledge

This from b!X’s site (who got the whole thing from here.) And if this just ain’t the Supremist irony!
“How much do you actually know about where the Pledge came from?
A Christian socialist who turned his back on religion. That’s the guy whose handiwork politicians of both parties and religious right leaders rushed to defend this past week.
Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister in upstate New York who sermonized against the materialism of the Gilded Age and who resigned from his church after businessmen cut off funding because of his socialist activities and lectures, wrote the Pledge of Allegiance in 1892. Now his words, composed for a magazine-sponsored school program celebrating the quadricentennial of Columbus Day, are treated as a sacred writ.

Originally, he was going to place the word ‘equality’ in there with I ‘liberty’ and ‘justice’ but realized he’d get resoundingly berated, since most people didn’t at the time believe that blacks or women should be equal to white men.”
If you don’t check b!X’s site every day, you’re missing the best way to keep up with the ongoing sagas of our country’s most current embarrassing ironies.

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