This wouldn’t happen in a Matriarchy

And, hopefully, if wouldn’t happen in a truly egalitarian society, either.
The following is from a two part piece in Part 1 and Part II. Thanks to b!X for emailing me the link.
Pending lawsuits allege that U.S. military contractors on duty in Bosnia bought and “owned” young women. But the accused men have never been — and will never be — brought to justice.
In the U.K. suit, former DynCorp employee Kathryn Bolkovac contends that she was laid off after reporting that her co-workers were complicit in the rampant forced-prostitution industry in the Balkans. Bolkovac was part of the American contingent of the U.N.’s International Police Task Force, which is contracted to the U.N. from DynCorp, and she claims other members of the task force were patronizing brothels where women were forced to work as prostitutes.
“[IPTF] officers and … [overseas] contractors share one major characteristic: impunity,” Martina Vandenberg, a women’s rights researcher for Human Rights Watch told a House International Relations Subcommittee in April.

“The U.S. government has absolutely no criminal jurisdiction to prosecute civilian police officers who serve with U.N. missions abroad,” Vandenberg explains. So, as the U.N.’s Stefo Lehmann says, officers accused of committing a crime in Bosnia are immune from Bosnian prosecution and are sent home by the U.N. to be punished. But there is no U.S. law that would allow them to be prosecuted at home.
Notice — it’s a cadre of inhuman men exerting power over women and making the rules that other men stupidly follow. If patriarchy doesn’t die soon, it will destroy what’s left of humanity.

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