b!X Does It Again

First he got me surfing. Then he got me blogging. Now he’s designed me this new blog site on MT, and got me my own domain. It’s all a part of his Spartaneity Project, which he is developing to incorporate the Cluetrain theses and to reflect his “less is more/form follows function” approach to web site design.
Kalilily.net had been a gleam in b!X’s eye for months. Then I did the Solstice and new moon ritual and, lo and behold, my new blog design appeared. And this is just the beginning. Eventually my site will have additional components that b!X will set up for me, since I’m still not a techie and probably never will be.
So, what do you think? (I’m still working on my blogrolling thing, and a few other details.)

13 thoughts on “b!X Does It Again

  1. FYI, for those who might be wondering, it’s not like the old site is going away. The old stuff will continue to be there. At some point, we will import all the old posts from there into MT over here, but we’ll lose the comments attached to them when we do so. So for time time being, everything old is over there, and everything new is over here.

  2. Elaine, it looks really nice. I love the flower in the background and the Kali image πŸ™‚ b!X has obviously been working hard while you’ve been on holiday. Btw, aren’t you due to have a grandchild sometime soon… I remember you saying July…

  3. Oh, Elaine, it is lovely! Easy to read too! I really like that when I’m too damn tired to sleep! Nice to know I have somewhere intellegent to come when I have insomnia πŸ˜€
    Nice job, b!X You should be very proud πŸ™‚

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