So, here I am at 2 A.M……

While I’m waiting for that “sleep switch” to kick in, I’ve been trying to track down other bloggers around my age to see if we can develop into a virtual community of kindred spirits. That’s what I had back in the 2000s, and I miss the virtual camaraderie.

As part of my efforts to lesson my feelings of isolation, I am working with my local senior center to try to put together a weekly Zoom group of older folks who are disabled or are self quarantined. I only go out when I have to — medical appointments or grocery shopping. I would love to make new friends, and these days, Zoom is the way to do it.

I did spend most of my afternoon sending out my poetry in response to several “call for entries.” I have been pretty successful getting my poetry published, but it is three years since I have sent any out. At some point I will add a “Poetry” link to my primary menu.

Beginning next week, I will be part of a Zoom-based poetry group. I just love when synchronicities kick in and I become aware of the ongoing spirals that my life is on. I dreamed of a married couple with whom I was close friends for decades, but then they moved away. I contacted to tell them about the dream, and they put me in touch with the leader of the poetry group. The leader of the poetry group was one of my ex-husband’s college students and my daughter was a flower girl at his wedding. Circles into spirals.

Obviously, I have my depression under control. If only I could do that about my Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder.

Three or four a.m. has become my usual bedtime. Will I ever be awake again during those morning hours when the air smells fresh and the birds are just starting to sing?

5 thoughts on “So, here I am at 2 A.M……

  1. Hi Elaine
    FYI. The Holyoke senior center has a zoom book club. I don’t live in Holyoke but belong to book club. Brilliant women belong. Pretty interesting how you can meet people and even to get to know them via zoom.

    Also fascinating story re poetry group. I have a friend who writes haiku and is involved w several zooms.

    In the spring when birds start chirping at 4:30 you will once again hear early bird song….before you fall asleep.

    I’ll bet there is a group out there at 1:00 AM zooming in a topic of interest!

    You sound good.

    Best. Margery

  2. I’m not a blogger (as you know), but I read what you send, and am grateful for our re-connection. I get up in the dark these days. Seems to be always dark. Rain, rain, rain.
    Hang in there.

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