Mad as the March Hare

It’s March. Lost, mindless Oestre chicks. Hares gone Mad with abandon.

March Madness is a crazy time, a neither/nor time. Neither winter nor spring. An in-between time. Neither asleep nor awake.

Mad March targets the tales of those who hide behind the shroud of surety and secrets, takes hold of souls wrapped in remnants of reason, sending them into the mad March wind, freeing the poet’s wonder to unseat what is mean, what is mad, what is best left to the whinings of past seasons gone to seed. Beware the March Hare, unless she is your cup of tea.

2 thoughts on “Mad as the March Hare

  1. What a great image you have described. In Eastern medicine too much wind creates illness (madness). At least for me the wind excites, energizes. And where did that delightful image of the gruffy rabbit with a cup of tea come from. Perfect.

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