Shifting Blog Gears

This box marks the end and the beginning. What follows below this post is who I was. What precedes it is who I am and will be. With the Covid-19 Pandemic, with my achieving octoganarianism, came a sea-change, and this blog will reflect my life yet to be lived, as I persist.

5 thoughts on “Shifting Blog Gears

  1. Though I am 5 years younger than you, I’m of the old school – if you want to keep in touch, please send me an individualized email! Love anyway, Fran

    • I guess you are on my automatic subscription list. I am too depressed to send individual emails these days. I think this will be my only contact with the world for a while. Hopefully, things will let up eventually. Love, too.

    • Wow. I lost track of you, Elayne with a Y! I see that you are still blogging. And you are dealing with some of the same stuff that I am. How do I subscribe to your blog so that I can keep up with you. I see you still have a blogroll going. Are you still in touch with anyone from the old days?

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