Dear Diary: This is How It Is

I have not been motivated to write on this blog.since the beginning of the year. Adjusting to chronic insomnia with no remedy that works is exhausting. It’s also depressing. As is the fact that I unknowingly sent my removable dental partial down the garbage disposal and so I have no front teeth until I can get to a dentist and go through the whole process all over again. And the fact that my plans to get some shots for my painful arthritic knee have been postponed while I shelter in place. And I planted some seeds indoors that are not doing well.

Yet, all of my “Little Picture” angst is just small potatoes compared to this frightening global pandemic exacerbated by the corruption and stupidity rampant throughout tRump’s America. This “Big Picture” is enough to make me not want to get out of bed in the morning. As life goes on, the more depressed I get.

They say that “depression is anger turned inward.”. Well, if I have a choice, I’m going with anger, which has fueled my writing before. So herewith, I will be indulging my Mad Old Lady anger while I still can. Feel free to commiserate in the Reply options.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Diary: This is How It Is

  1. Blogging is a great way to clear the mind. It allows you to consolidate your anger instead of being angry at everybody, you can pick someone or something different to get angry at everyday.
    Right now, I’m angry at our Federal Gov. for their lack of a cohesive plan to control the virus and get people back to work.

  2. Yeah – bitching, depression, anger, Ides of Trump, Not My President Either, and pandemic exhaustion. Good news makes me cry, e.g., my next-door neighbor brought over groceries yesterday, and my newest grand-nephew, Kyle Mason Ghee, was born at 1:30 PM. Do they deserve this kind of world? Can they – or anybody – fix it?

  3. PS I’m really sorry about the teeth, but can’t you see the dentist? I actually had an eye-doctor’s appt on Tuesday, so some things are open. And what you have sounds like an emergency!

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