Mag #218

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Mag 218. (Go there to read what others have written in response to this prompt.)

chair-with-the-wings-of-a-vulture 1960 salvador dali

(Chair With the Wings of a Vulture
1960, Salvador Dali)

Let’s hear it for our deities–
winged or haloed,
hanged or throned.
We want them to watch,
care, punish, save —
need them to blame
when tsunamis rise
and when bread doesn’t.

3 thoughts on “Mag #218

  1. Ha ha , not much has changed , has it…we have new names for them “economy” , ” market ” , ” real estate ” , ” weather ” , ” internet ” these modern ones can be quite boring , i have to say , hardly a triumphal period for the human imagination ….more exciting to follow soon, i would think

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