Winter is for Knitting #2

mesidetoside1I found a cap-sleeve cropped sweater pattern that was knit from side to side and so I decided to follow the pattern, since it was exactly what I wanted. I made a swatch to check the gauge. I followed the directions.

It came out much larger than it was supposed to, and I had to fudge to make it fit. It’s certainly wearable, but not really what I wanted. I just don’t do well following a pattern; I do much better if I figure it out as I go along and then it fits the way I want it to. I’m going to try the side-to-side idea again, but this time I’ll do it my way.

3 thoughts on “Winter is for Knitting #2

  1. Since I am 70 and no longer employed – I have come to the conclusion to stop buying more clothes and instead re-design the clothes I have – so I have had a good time experimenting and changing and cutting and sewing and crocheting….etc etc etc….your selfie is nice and I would do one too – if I knew how but it is all good….yeah yeah yeah

  2. If you want to take a “selfie” stand in front of a mirror, like I did. I would love to see your redesign experiments. My next effort is going to be cutting off the bottom of a knit top that has stains on the edge and crochet a bottom band. Maybe crochet on the bottom of the sleeves too. There’s a circular cutting tool I bought that puts little holes in fabric as you roll it along, and those become the holes you crochet through.

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