snazzy older men

“Snazzy.” Now, that’s a word that dates me.

I just have to share this page from The Satorialist website that was left in a comment by Delaine Zody.

Of course, just about all of those older men whose photos appear on that Satorialist page live in Europe. Most American men can’t seemed to be bothered to dress with flair.

That having said, because I dress casually, I still prefer men who dress in sweaters and chinos. Maybe jeans if they fit well. Sort of like this guy (photo from that site).


2 thoughts on “snazzy older men

  1. Yes, this is what I’m talking about. At least the guys in the photos are trying. They are wearing good, timeless classical menswear that will never go out of style. Perhaps they are a bit too formal for older American males especially when hanging around the Senior Center or assisted living facility. Unfortunately, many older men, either, because they don’t care or just don’t have the money, don’t take care of their clothes and wear them until they are nothing more than a memory. This makes them look like homeless derelicts. A brief check on the web revealed no specific vendor of clothes specifically for older men. I have been shopping at Eddy Bauer who at least still carries clothes for men and not clowns.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Elaine. Well dressed older men always catch my eye. Of course, I’m very prejudiced about my own older guy. Terry dresses very well, even when he’s just bumming around the house. This morning he wore navy trousers, pale yellow shirt, his Snoopy, Joe-Cool tie, and camel sports coat to a meeting where he is presenting some fixes for a trojan that is infecting computers through flash drives.

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