maybe old friends are still the best friends

I have had the urge to get in touch with people with whom I was close but haven’t been in touch with for more than 30 years — former colleagues with whom I shared both professional and personal adventures.

Maybe it’s because I really haven’t made any new friends since I moved out here to Massachusetts almost four years ago. It isn’t that I haven’t made an effort; I just haven’t connected with anyone with whom I’d like to hang out.

So, that’s just another reason to love the Internet, where I am able to track down folks even if they have a very low cyber-profile.

We are all elders, now — retired and involved in both the tribulations and the pleasures of being where and when we are now. And most find it fun to reconnect at this point — each sharing the stories of our past 30 years, as well as sharing, again, memories of younger and more vitally engaging times. This is a time for opening memories.

OK. I’ve got to face it. I’m ready for the rocking chair — well, really I’m ready for Spring and the awning-shaded yard swing where I like to laze away the days, reading, knitting, and, often dozing. And catching up with old friends via my iPhone.

3 thoughts on “maybe old friends are still the best friends

  1. Just realized I can subscribe and get emails automatically. This will help. I miss you too. You were in my dreams. Tried to respond on my new Nook HD, but
    didn’t get very far. If you got partial comments, that’s why. I had hand surgery on March 1. The other hand is next. Then my knee. This getting old is never dull, and
    not for sissies (thanks, Bette Davis). Reconsider a visit. In any case, we may be up in Albany area in August. Much to catch up on, and I hope, much of it good.

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