puppy love

She is 9 weeks old and four pounds and the cutest little rescue mutt you’ll ever know.

We picked her up last Sunday from the woman who was fostering her mom and puppies through “For the Love of Labs Rescue” and fell in love with her immediately. Her name already was Madison, and so my grandson (whose birthday present she is) decided to keep that name.

We have no idea what she’ll look like as an adult dog. Her father is some dog who wandered by, and they think her mom is some sort of spaniel/collie/???? mixture. The mom and pups were rescued from an abandoned house.

She’s already learning how to do her business outside, never barks, and when anyone picks her up, she just snuggles in for all the affection she can get.

We’ve been wanting to get a rescue puppy for a while, and when we met her, we knew she was the one.

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  1. Well, after several trips to the vet and several bouts of antibiotics, she couldn’t get rid of her Urinary Tract infection, and we couldn’t afford the mounting vet bills and expected testing (and perhaps surgery) costs. So we had to give her back to the rescue people, who have funds to help get her better. We might eventually try again to adopt a dog. Or maybe the truth is that we are simply cat people.

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