c’mon Congress, give us a needed New Deal

I have plagiarized from Ronni Bennett’s post and have sent the following message to my Congressional legislators. You can do the same, easily, by starting here, a site through which you can identify and email your legislators.

Please support Ohio Democratic Representative Marcy Kaptur’s bill, HR 4318, which would authorize the president to re-establish the CCC, a program that put millions of young men to work during the Great Depression. Those young men were doing mostly physical labor. Kaptur’s bill eliminates the age and gender limits, and keep in mind that for every project involving manual labor, there are related support jobs that older people can do.

To me, this a no brainer. We are in desperate times. Young kids just out school can delay their career dreams a few years (as they did in the Depression) to earn some money while helping rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, and it would be a lifeline for older workers who otherwise have few options.

I can’t think of a better way to spend the next “stimulus” now that the federal government has so munificently helped out Wall Street workers.

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