I bow to Betty


The image above was created by Vicki Howell of “I Love To Create” as part of her tribute to Betty White, who co-hosts Saturday Night Live tonight.

At 88, Betty White has achieved a resurgence in popularity and a whole new persona, and the reasons for her current icon status are aptly explained here.

That’s why I was surprised when, linking around from my son’s tweets several weeks ago, I wound up at an article (which I can no longer locate) by a young-ish female criticizing White for the very charms that attract the rest of us. I guess, for that young writer, older women should be sweet, non-intrusive, and very well-mannered. I guess she never read Jenny Joseph’s famous poem “Warning,” which begins When I am old I shall wear purple…

Betty White is a perfect role model for those of us elders who still value sass and surprises.

I bow to Betty.

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