accepting adjustments

I’m beginning to realize that this part of my life is going to be require a constant acceptance of adjustments. These days I’m making adjustments to articles of clothing that I made, specifically this, which originally blogged about here

I need to add pieces down the front so that I can button in. I’ve gotten a little wider. Heh. And I am almost finished lining it so that the ugly yellow sweatshirt-base inside is hidden, finally.

There are other adjustments too — medications and expectations. I just don’t have the energy and stamina to do what I used to do. That’s the downside of aging, unless you are wealthy enough to afford massages and personal trainers and hot tubs.

And now I have to adjust my budget to adjust to the fact that I’ve spent whatever cushion I’ve had for fun stuff for me and my family. Many college classmates of mine, as well as relatives my age, have homes both here in the Northeast and in the South, and they enjoy the best of both worlds with plenty of resources to spare. I’m envious. But then again, there are college classmates and relatives of mine who are no longer alive.

I guess I fall somewhere in the middle, and that has to be OK; I will keep adjusting to a simpler life.

Although if we add a puppy to this family, life will not be that simple for a while — but it will be more fun and more work. My grandson, an only and often lonely child, needs a dog who will be more than a pet — more like another sibling.

I like the idea of having a dog. Maybe she (I want to get a female) will encourage me to get out and walk more.

4 thoughts on “accepting adjustments

  1. The right dog will be a great companion for an only child. I still have very fond memories of wandering far and wide with my dog and playing for hours with her. I highly recommend a patient, good-natured, healthy mutt.

  2. Actually we are looking at a German shepherd mix who is about 4 months old and is at a rescue shelter. He’s already house broken and has had all of his shots. And he’s a snuggler. My grandson would love him.

  3. yes and I wish they’d get back to me already! Yes, it’s only been, what — less than 24 hours since I sent the application but this sitting around waiting is NOT one of my favorite things! The longer I wait, the more certain I am that the shepherd is the perfect dog.

  4. I linked to your blog from another blog, and am glad to come across your soul. firstly your only as old as you think(cliched i know) secondly email back at me, id definatly like a friend that thinks on the same wavelength as me 🙂


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