show the right the door

There is no common table at which to sit with the Right. There is no compromise with the Right. To them, a show of compromise by their opponents isn’t seen as an invitation to further discussion and common progress. It isn’t seen as civility.

To them, it’s simply a sign of weakness, the baring of one’s naked throat to their waiting teeth.

The above from the end of a post here.

Their votes didn’t put this administration into office, and they will do all they can to sabotage the agenda that did put this administration into office.

President Obama and the progressive Democrats need to show the Right/eous the door — politely but firmly.

1 thought on “show the right the door

  1. You’re absolutely right about the Right/eous. If they will not negotiate in good faith, then they need to step aside for the President to put his agenda into place. And I hope the President and the progressive Democrats do not waiver in their resolve to pass needed legislation (that includes a public option, I certainly hope.).

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