not yet spring (1999)

All kitchens should have windows
double wide and Windexed clear —
if not into sunny vistas,
at least into frames of sky
beyond a stand of trees marked
by clumps of day lilies,
maybe a lilac bush
or two —

certainly a bird feeder
filled with lilting movement,
and a wide indoor sill
where green seeds sprout
even when winter still
shrouds the view.

copyright Elaine Frankonis

1 thought on “not yet spring (1999)

  1. Hello! (I stumbled onto your blog via blogs by women.) I like your poem. I am lucky, in that my kitchen window looks out onto the field next to our house, which currently has a flock of sheep and their cute lambs bouncing around in it. (The field, not our house!) I live in rural Wales and you should see the birds I see here. Big red kites wheeling around in the sky, looking for mice in the field and making my hen Inara crow at them in defiance. (The other hen, Zoe, hides, but Inara is fearless!) No lilacs, but the garden is full of snowdrops and daffodils and the bluebells won’t be far behind.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I like your blog.

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