cross that doctor off the list!

After I moved here a little over a month ago, I immediately began to find a new doctor and dentist. My new dentist, a woman, is young enough to be my daughter. But then, just about every professional I see these days is apt to be the ages of my offspring.

Two weeks ago, I went for my initial visit with (what I thought would be) my new doctor. I chose him because the website of the group practice indicated that he had a sub-specialty in geriatrics, and I figured if I started now, I wouldn’t have to find another doctor when my age REALLY caught up to me. While I had sent my old medical records on ahead, it was obvious that he never even looked at those or the questionnaire that I had filled out summarizing my medical history. Instead, he began asking me those same questions, scribbling my answers in the margins of the form on which I had already written the answers. He did ask a few more questions about my education level and what kind of job I had; I’m not sure why he had to know that.

We went through my medications, and I asked for new scripts for two that had run out. He said I could pick them up on my way out. Because I have been having sinus problems and also need to get my hearing checked (again; it’s getting worse), he said that he office would make an appointment for me with an ENT specialist.

Then he changed the subject to tell me about a book he had published and proceeded to read me the introduction. When I asked him if he ever loaned the book out because I would be interested in reading it, he set the book down, turned around, and mumbled something like “…well, I only have 60 copies left…” — which made me realize the book must have been self-published, and he was trying to sell me one.

He leaned back in his chair and asked me if there was anything else I needed to add. I said no. He left the room.

As I left and went to check out, I found that he left NO scripts for me; neither did he leave instructions to make an appointment for me with an ENT. They asked me to wait while they got the necessary information from him. Which I did. For a half hour. Then I left.

After three phone calls over the next few days, they finally called in my prescriptions. I just let the rest go.

Yesterday, I make an appointment at the Jewish Geriatric Services Family Medical Care located a mile from here. A woman doctor this time.

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  1. My next move would be writing that doctor a letter, detailing why I would not be back and then another to the local medical board, with a copy of the other letter.

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