she’s caterwauling

No, not my mom. My cat.
She hisses and swipes at everyone but me. My grandson keeps trying to be nice to her, but she will have none of it.
We have had to put up an opaque barrier in the doorway to my rooms so that she doesn’t see the other two cats in the house — who, at first, yowled at her but now come up and sit on the other side of the gate, waiting and willing to be friends.
When she notices them there, she starts caterwauling and spitting. If I pick her up, she keeps making this strange crying sound with her mouth closed.
Calli is about 12 years old and has never seen another cat. I’m not sure that she knows she’s a cat. As far as she’s concerned, I’m her mother.
I was hoping that my daughter’s two neutered male cats and Calli would eventually, at least, live peacefully side by side. I’m beginning to lose hope for that to every happen.
Right now, I’ll settle just for her caterwauling to stop.

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  1. Try rubbing your daughters cats with a towel and then rubbing Calli with the same towel and then rubbing your daughters cats with the same towel. The idea is to mix their scents. Do this many times. Cats live by their sense of smell. Good luck!


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