the real author of the McCain vacation piece?

On October 3, I posted material about a “My Holiday with John McCain” piece that has been circulating via email.
Today, this comment was left on that post:

(Note from a friend: This shocking account was written by Ana Dubey, a friend of my cousin and her husband, who have known Ana for many years. Ana has a PhD in psychology and has a private practice in San Francisco. My cousin’s husband went to business school with Ana’s husband, who has since started and sold a number of successful companies. Ana’s husband is currently a Managing Director of a private equity firm in the Bay Area. Ana and her husband are not political activists and don’t have any personal ax to grind. In fact, in writing this account of her experience with John McCain, Ana is acting outside of her own economic self-interest as she and her husband are among the top 3-5% of our population who would benefit from the McCain tax/economic policies. Please pass this on to anyone you know who might vote for John McCain.. Also please post it on blogs and send it to newspapers and radio stations).

Actually, many blogs have been posting about the vacation account, including what is known about the originator. A post on Telling, where John Hay tried to track down the author, pretty much covers the information that is so far available. And according to that blog post:
Update 3* 17/9 – NB. Am now advised that the author is Anasuya Dubey PsyD. Apparently Ana is a highly regarded person and a Clinical Psychologist who was operating and studying in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2005. We are trying to contact her. If anyone can supply me with her email address it would be most appreciated. Please send details to
Update* 18/9 – NB. Received an email this morning 18/9/08 @ 6.32 am from a Dr Michael Bower who claims to know Ana personally. He claims she has informed him that she has been speaking to a magazine which has requested her not to contact other media until a decision is made as to whether to go to print with Ana’s story.

If the story is true, it should be widely circulated before election day. If it’s not, that fact needs to be verified soon and the story buried.
Fair is fair.

2 thoughts on “the real author of the McCain vacation piece?

  1. I’m sure you have already done so, but I searched Snopes. I got a link to your post and that is all they have.

    The story sure sounds like McCain, though.

  2. I heard from a close friend who lived in San Fran and worked with Ana – he was so shocked about the report, he felt the need to re-connect. He confirmed that she did in fact write this report but obviously can not attest to the “he said” “she said” nature of the piece. What he can attest to is her character – one that would not normally report what was not true.

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