too smooth for blue collars?

That’s the possibility that I’m really worried about regarding Barack Obama’s electability. And it’s not just America’s blue collar workers who might not be comfortable with his ease and grace.
Obama is smooth. His movements are fluid; his manner polished. His communication is effortless, informed, fluent, and diplomatic. He is smart. And he is smooth.

And that’s what worries me. I’m worried that too many of us have come to expect — and even seek — much less from out leaders. I’m worried that we have become used to bumblers and bunglers, that we are suspect of anyone who does not have to struggle to be understood, who is able to explain complex issues simply and directly, who exudes a statesmanlike confidence in any situation.
Yet, that’s what we need as our leader. That’s what the world needs as leader of the United States. We need a statesman, a diplomat — an intelligent, informed, and smooth operator in the most positive sense.
We need to be done with confidence men and choose a leader who can both inspire and deserve our confidence.

We forget that the most successful statesmen have been professionals.
Lincoln was a professional politician.

Felix Frankfurter

3 thoughts on “too smooth for blue collars?

  1. I think you’re right Elaine. And I love the video of him with Ellen. I heard him, on another talk show, referring to it as “bustin’ a move” (dancing if you’re not fluent in “street”) on Ellen.

    I’ve been impressed with his ability to laugh at himself. Politicians who don’t (like the current resident of the White House) are dangerous.

    Yeah, he’s smooth but he was brought up to strive for excellence. From several things I’ve read, his mother realized the difficulties he would face as a biracial child and prepared him intensely to face them with grace and style.

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