4 thoughts on “Women Against Sarah Palin

  1. I like the blog and find it amazing that apparently 55,000 women have responded. What is nice to see is how many elder women have written in. Talk about grey panther power. I read about 40 comments and was impressed at the diversity of the comments. Thanks for publishing this link.

  2. This is fabulous! I want to go one step further though! Let’s put it on YouTube! Women, let’s band together, and turn the cameras on ourselves for just a few minutes! Speak out, against her policies, against her qualifications, about the future of your children and what you want for them and WHY you want it! Let’s stand up and take over YouTube!

    We MUST NOT allow this to happen! We need GREAT leaders for this GREAT country and she is NOT it. “Regular people” aren’t good enough for us!

  3. I’d just like to wish you and all like you the best of luck in rallying opposition to the McCain-Palin combination of geriatric warmonger and village idiot (Installment No. 2). I am a British person living in Canada (so of course can’t vote) and feel very apprehensive that Americans would even consider electing such people. Wasn’t George Bush bad enough? No intelligent woman (or man, for that matter) could possibly vote for someone like Palin (where I come from she would have a hard time getting elected to a Library Board, let alone a real position of power), and any woman who values her legislated rights, such as the right to choose whether to bear a child, must be very nervous at the prospect of her election. As an observer of American blundering for the last eight years, I can only hope that groups like yours will have some effect. Once again, best of British (luck), even if you aren’t British! Make Obama your President.

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