Myrln Monday: notes from “Nepperhan Days”

For a while before his death in April 2008, non-blogger Myrln (aka W. A. Frankonis, i. frans nowak), posted here on Kalilily Time some kind of rant or other every Monday. Our daughter, who has salvaged his published, performed, and none-such writings, continues to send me some to post posthumously.
This is one: Notes from “Nepperhan Days” his self-tale:

Immigration experience of body and soul/heart as human condition. We are all immigrants. A family story of three Italian generations: those who left Europe, then the first-born in America and thus the first to be assimilated, then the second –born generation which rejects the experience of the 1st two before coming to realize we are all immigrants of a kind and thus come to anew place in the heart: immigrants to acceptance, love and pride in ancestry.

In many ways we are all immigrants.

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