Myrln Monday: ex memoriam

For a while before his death in April 08, non-blogger Myrln (aka Bill Frankonis), posted here on Kalilily Time some kind of rant or other every Monday. Our daughter, who has salvaged his published, performed, and non-such writings, continues to send me some to post posthumously.

ex memoriam
somehow it seems appropriate
my art lives in transcience
while friends, students, lovers
reach for permanence in written words
(theatre) leaves behind no marks:
Is there a moment and is gone.
struck, as we say.
Appropriate because some say
there should be no memorials
mucking up the lives behind us
with our droppings
all right, so why a paean to (impermanence)
In this (permanent) form?
well, sometimes letting contemporaries know
where you stand is necessary
Or so cap’n billy if’n say.

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