Myrln Monday Memoriam

For a while before his death in April, non-blogger Myrln (aka Bill Frankonis), posted here on Kalilily Time some kind of rant or other every Monday. Our daughter has been sending me some of his writings to post posthumously, but we were all away all weekend at the party Bill said in his will that he wanted.
So, today, I post my second letter to the dead.
Dear Bill:
Were you whirling in your ashes as so many of those people whose lives you touched so meaningfully told stories about their relationships with you? Even a few with whom you were no longer on the best of terms stood up and remembered the good times.
I know how much you wanted to let those people with whom you felt close at various points in your life know how much they meant to you. Well, obviously they already knew.
I didn’t count how many of the little theater’s seats were filled, but there had to be between 50 and 60 people who came in for the story telling. And there were others who came and left before that time as well.
You would have loved to hear the stories — some funny, some poignant — all remembering you at your best. There is no doubt that you will be remembered by your colleagues and students not only as an amazingly talented writer and director, but also a uniquely nurturing mentor and teacher.
You would have been so proud of our two kids. Well, I should say proudER, since you always have been proud of them.
You also would have loved to see your almost 6-year-old grandson and the (equally young) granddaughter of our friends Pat and Bill. They hit it off amazingly. Word has it that she said that she really liked his hair and was going to marry him. The pairing of our respective offspring didn’t happen last generation. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it happened with this one.
I wish I could talk to you about that novel Enchantment that you gave me a while ago and I found in my pile of books-to-read last week. I couldn’t help see you and me in the princess and the scholar. I wonder if that’s what you thought as well. I’m only half way through, so I don’t know how it ends. I hope that it ends better than we did as a couple.
On the way back to where I live now (I can’t call it “home”), I played the Famous Blue Raincoat CD that you gave me.

There Ain’t no Cure for Love.

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  1. Elaine, I have been meaning to send you an ecard or “real” note to tell you how sorry I am about your loss, have procrastinated and so before any more time passes, it will be a comment instead. Sounds like an appropriate and wonderful tribute. This is a lovely post.

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